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DPV3-F6A12 with Fentanyl - Minute Lab 6 drug test panel

The Minute Lab Urine Drug Test – 6 panel is a rapid urine test for the detection of 6 different drugs in a convenient, one-step test. Simply insert the Cassette test strips in the collected urine sample for 10-15 seconds and wait 5 minutes for the test results.


DPV3-F6A12 tests for the following drugs:













Negative: Two coloured lines are visible in the control panel, indicating that concentration of the drug is below the detection limit of the test or is not present.
Positive: One coloured line on the C or control panel. No coloured line appears in the appropriate test panel, indicating a positive result for the corresponding drug of that specific panel.


Features and Benefits

  • Accurate results in 5 minutes

  • Easy to Read

  • Simple procedure

  • 18-month self life

  • No urine to pipette

  • No instrumentation



Product Monograph

$ 6
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